Archery Yorkshire

Archery is an exciting and memorable way to fill those inevitable gaps in your wedding programme and has the advantage that it is accessible to both the younger guests and adults of all ages.

This removes the need to hire separate entertainers for the children and the adults. Archery also serves as a good ice breaker allowing the guests to get to know each other. Our coaches will use their experience to tailor the archery to the guests that take part, offering full tuition and scores for the light-hearted competition.

Wedding Archery in York, North Yorkshire and Nationwide

Brightly coloured archery butts dressed in white flowers, with dressed gazebos and bunting on the lawn outside your wedding or reception venue can make for an attractive scene. While capturing the bride and groom as they shoot arrows can result in some striking and very original wedding photography.

We care about the success of your wedding day and understand that you want complete peace of mind that everything will run smoothly on the big day

We will liaise directly with your chosen venue re set up location and have everything ready ahead of time.

If you would like the event to run into the evening to entertain your guests, we will illuminate the targets and operate late into the night, and it looks amazing! In the event of poor weather, we always use dressed gazebos to keep your guests out of the elements.

“It looked stunning Will, please thank Jake, you were brilliant, thank you.”

Diane and Paul

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