Fabulously fun two-seater buggies that are controlled by two levers

Air Rifle Shooting Yorkshire

Team work is required in spades as there will be two people in the buggy – with one person controlling each lever, what can go wrong steering a Power Turn?

Hilarious excitement.

Clear communication is needed to get the buggies simply moving, let alone racing around the track where you’ll score points and face penalties for your driving.

​If your communication skills aren’t up to speed and you accelerate too much, the buggy will wheelie or simply spin on the spot with the front wheels in the air – your pairs will quickly have to communicate to get the buggy going again.

With a wide range of skills used in these buggies, this task is a fun way to team build amongst colleagues of all ages and strengths.

​This is a fantastic addition to a multi challenge event.

Motorised Activity in York, North Yorkshire and Nationwide

We will tailor a bespoke event, designed around your brief, timed laps, pairs competition or team points accumulated for the winners medals.

We have access to a range of venues around the Yorkshire area and the UK and will also build the Power Turn activity at a location of your choosing, space permitting.

As with all of our other Motorised Activities, our Power Turn hire packages include clean modern helmets for all drivers, fully trained instructors, a mini marquee, bunting, chairs and everything else needed to form a track.

“Never had so much fun, still laughing now, thanks Focusing Events”

Julie, Kate and the girls

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