With fun, laughter and memories at the top of the list, we strive to make your activity day one to remember!! Mix and match? not a problem, longer time on a particular activity? not a problem, secrecy and gags to play? not a problem. We are here for you, your stag and pals.

Air Rifle Shooting2020-10-23T10:41:42+01:00
Focusing Events
Archery – Stag2020-07-10T07:29:37+01:00
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Clay Pigeon Shooting – Stag Events2020-07-10T08:40:33+01:00
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Ferret Racing2020-07-10T07:34:51+01:00
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Focusing Wipeout2020-07-10T09:10:43+01:00
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Focusing Events
Power Turns2020-10-23T12:00:29+01:00
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Quad Biking2020-07-10T10:14:17+01:00
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Rage Buggies2020-07-10T10:15:38+01:00
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Sports Day/Team Games2020-07-10T08:49:37+01:00
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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients have said…

‘Will, Jake and Laura we could not have asked or dreamed of a better day, thankyou so so much x’

‘Thanks for your patience Will, as the Stag I was a little shaky from the night before!! A great couple of hours and the lads loved it, although I don’t think I would be much use with my bow and arrow on the battlefield’

‘Focusing Events, one word FANTASTIC’

‘From everyone at Legend, Will you and the team were awesome!!!!!!! It could have been -7 and snowing and it still would not have put us off, see you next year x’    

Thanks again Will and crew for the clay shooting experience, and it was!!!!! So much fun, Lucy x, ps can’t stop Donna telling everyone she is a natural, what have you done haha thanks again’

‘Focusing Events, thanks so much for the fun and laughter on the Wipeout, what a way to start the stag weekend, brilliant’

‘All the team at Focusing Events, thankyou. Your instruction on the clays was simply brilliant, the office and clients loved it as you know from the cheers at the end’     

Focusing Events and team, wow what a day, we are still dreaming of it now. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in, but moreover your anticipation and adjustments in advance of the day, you covered everything and more’

‘Jake, thank you so much for the fab afternoon, from the 16 of us you were ace, never saw me doing Blindfold Driving before today haha, it was a right laugh AWSOME’

‘Focusing Events staff, you were brilliant, thanks so much for a fab 2 days, and Will I will email you for some pointers for next year, our secret’